Why is it so difficult to find service providers in your own locality? Current solutions do a horrible job, giving you hundreds of useless phone numbers and even more useless options. And leave you all alone, scared and tired to do the research. You spend days asking about availability, prices, expertise, experience, services offered etc. with no beacon of quality in sight.

WeFix.com.ng is here to fix all your problems. We are your SEARCH ENGINE who do the dirty work of screening, filtering and assembling a great panel of reliable service providers who will get your work done! Every expert on our platform has been professionally verified and background checked by us. Our amazing matching algorithms make sure that you get connected to the right service expert, in seconds. So let us worry about your service needs while you chill with a nice hot cup of coffee.

WeFix is an online platform that connects service providers (WeFixer) and Service consumers (Consumer).

It enhances service provider's (WeFixer) discoverability and accessibility, brings Optimum service with high perfomance and ease at both ends.

All service provider (WeFixer) on WeFix.com.ng is specially vetted and verified ensuring every services consumer utilizing the WeFix.com.ng platform is safe and secured to get quality service. WeFix garrantees every user security and privacy. "Safe Speed" is a keyword on this platform.

Despite all claims and assurances, every user is mandated to read and agree to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy before utilizing the service offered by the platform (WeFix.com.ng).